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All hail the Yu-kun. =3

I'm just introducing myself as that is the polite thing to do ne? Hello all, it's very nice to meet you. I'm new here, but I thought I would join because I have a bad case of Yusuke Urameshi fangirlism~ I admire his character very much. x3

I've been a YYH fan for a long time now, I watched it on Toonami back in my naive days when I didn't know what anime was; I don't particularly like Yaoi(although it's perfectly fine if you do, I'm not one of those to flame others for their interests), because I am a Yusuke/Keiko fan, but I do like to keep an open mind to other pairings.

Anywho, I hope it's ok if I join this community, it's nice to be among other Yusuke fans. =)
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